Enter to win $25,000

and $5,000 in other cash prizes

By Supporting Catholic Education

Support the SSPX Priests, or purchase a general raffle ticket.

Please note the new dates for the 2020 Fundraiser:

Deadline for ticket sales:
Monday, August 10th 2020.

The drawing date for the winning tickets will be:
Thursday, September 3rd 2020 at 2:30 PM.


How it Works

Support a Student

If you would like to support a particular person, search for their last name. If you would like to enter the raffle without supporting a particular person, simply use the standard raffle ticket.

Reveal the Winner

There will be a public drawing to nominate the raffle winners on Thursday, September 3rd 2020 at 2:30 PM in St. Mary’s. The grand-prize winner and other cash winners will be announced that same day!

Receive the Prize

This year, St. Mary’s Academy is giving away $25,000.00 as a cash grand-prize – plus, five $1,000 cash prizes to additional winners! Each ticket is a suggested donation of $10 and goes directly to support Catholic education.


Founded in 1820, St. Marys has grown from an historic Native American Mission to an ecosystem of Catholic life and formation.


Perhaps the most unique aspect of St. Marys Academy is the focus placed upon formation. Without virtue, talent and skill are incomplete in their true purpose.


After 150 years, St. Marys renewed the seeds of education with a private Catholic school system. The Academy fosters over 860 students today.